About Coulisse Heir


The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. Not limiting it to what’s visible – skin and hair.

Scalp health has been in the dark, despite being the building block of a healthy head of hair.

Coulisse Heir is where you can connect with yourself — a private sanctuary to cultivate a healthier relationship with your scalp and hair. We celebrate your individuality with personalised solutions. Always backstage to get you ready.

Scalp care is the new self-care.
Scalp care is the new skincare
Coulisse Heir – Scalp Care, Self Care.

Only at Coulisse Heir,

you will get to enjoy undisrupted luxurious comfort in a personal pod and cultivate a healthier relationship with your scalp and hair.

We make you feel beautiful and pampered from the inside out. Whether you are looking for a new haircut, hair treatment or scalp care routine, we invite you to discover the beauty within yourself. Our experienced specialists are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of service possible. We are confident in giving you an unforgettable experience .

Get to recharge, feel energised, and be empowered by us.

Premium Chair

Relax and unwind on our premium-grade backwash chair throughout the whole treatment.

Private Pods

Get a much needed "ME" time in our private pods and be in a 100% self-care mode.

Personalised Treatment

Treatment for your hair and scalp will be uniquely curated for you by our certified therapists.

Private Treatment Room

A space dedicated for therapy

Reset your body and mind in our private room

Taking a break from work, away from the busy schedule, and getting a hair or scalp therapy is the perfect way to recharge, energised and empower yourself.

The Science Behind Us

Aside from the luxurious experience that we provide to our customers, our products are proven to be effective.

A performance-based system that fuses trichology and ancient herbology to enhance hair and scalp health, driven by our reputable team of scientists and researchers.

SCALPERFORM® was developed using cutting-edge stem-cell and regenerative medicine, formulated with clinical grade ingredients and professional execution backed by science.

At Coulisse Heir, we are endorsed by bio-scientists, trichologists and medical specialists. With a modern and progressive take on trichology, we make sure that our clinically effective, skin-friendly and natural products and treatments, are specially curated to address mild to severe hair and scalp complications.

Inspired by the art of regenerative medicine, our products are formulated with a proprietary concoction of stem cell-derived signaling biomolecules. This ensures that we not only rejuvenate, but more importantly, repair and sustain hair and scalps of all conditions.

With a future-forward clean technology implemented, it gives us the most expensive luxury in the world — a healthier future.

Hear From Our Customers

Went for the Co-Cleanse AD3 Scalp Therapy trial, overall a great experience, highly recommended! Meggi is very friendly and skilful, appreciate that she kindly explains to me what each step and product does to help with my scalp/hair condition. Was also very impressed by the effort put into designing the space to look like a backstage area, shared by Selina about the brand story of how “coulisse” means to show what happens behind the scenes. Love the packaging and art pieces on display done by Theseus Chan too! The series are available for purchase as charity 🙂

Josilyn Law

Had the pleasure of having Elaine as my therapist. She was very friendly and had a lot to offer in terms of knowledge. I was given a scalp consult and saw underlying problems I didn’t know I had. Had the co-cleanse scalp treatment as well as the keratin structure remedy, my hair now feels really smooth and clean. Highly recommend!

Faye Yeo

Jus done the complementary scalp treatment..love the environment, private space..Iris was my therapist. Was offered a discounted package which i politely declined as i has unfinish package elsewhere, no hard selling. The whole experience was comfortable. :))

Wu Jingmin

Was attended by Elaine. I topped up to get a deeper scalp hair care instead of getting only the complimentary scalp treatment. She explained the procedures to be in detail, telling me how the process will help to tackle my oily scalp. She was attentive and no hard selling. Will recommend that you look for her if you want to try their services (:

Liew Yuwei