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The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. Not limiting it to what’s visible – skin and hair.

Scalp health has been in the dark, despite being the building block of a healthy head of hair.

Coulisse Heir is where you can connect with yourself — a private sanctuary to cultivate a healthier relationship with your scalp and hair. We celebrate your individuality with personalised solutions. Always backstage to get you ready.

Scalp care is the new self-care.
Scalp care is the new skincare
Coulisse Heir – Scalp Care, Self Care.

About Coulisse Heir

A Private and Luxurious Experience

Premium Chair

Relax and unwind on our premium-grade backwash chair throughout the whole treatment.

Private Pods

Get a much needed "ME" time in our private pods and be in a 100% self-care mode.

Personalised Treatment

Treatment for your hair and scalp will be uniquely curated for you by our certified therapists.

Proven by science

SCALPERFORM® is a performance-based system that fuses trichology and ancient herbology to enhance hair and scalp health, driven by our reputable team of scientists and researchers.

SCALPERFORM® was developed using cutting-edge stem-cell and regenerative medicine, formulated with clinical grade ingredients and professional execution backed by state-of-the-art hair science, and ancient herbology as a two-pronged approach to maximise potency.

Our products and treatments are clinically effective, natural and skin-friendly. They can treat most types of scalp conditions and hair loss from Aloepecia 1 to 6.

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Care for yourself more by taking the first step towards loving yourself. Try our innovative experience as a segment of the journey of self-care.